Puffer Fish – Large – 14″-15″ Approx – Tiki Bar, Nautical


Puffer Fish – Large – 14″-15″ Approx – Tiki Bar, Nautical

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Product Description

Ideal for hanging in your tiki bar. Measures 14″ – 15″ approx.

One real preserved Taxidermy Dried Large Puffer Blowfish Porcupine Fish Lamp. This thing is a pretty crazy looking! Some of the spines are over an inch long and its skin is covered with dark brown blotches which are its natural colouring, translucent gossamer fins stick out to the side like ears, these taxidermied fish are about 14 to 15 inches long and have been puffed out, dried, and clear protective coating applied, each fish has the same basic look but varies slightly in the shape it has been dried and may have holes in areas, especially by the gill slits and under the tail, sometimes other places, there are no perfect fish, each one is unique, but all are sturdy and solid, comes with a length of fishing line attached for hanging


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