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Tres Noir Mens ‘The 101er’ Sunglasses Brown & Caramel


Tres Noir Mens ‘The 101er’ Sunglasses Brown & Caramel

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Product Description

Tres Noir Mens ‘The 101er’ Sunglasses Brown & Caramel with brown lens
Medium fit, RX-able.
Beautiful handmade sunglasses made in California, USA.
From the beginning Tres Noir has been committed to keeping the collection 100% high quality acetate and monel. All frames are 100% handmade, no injection moulding ever. All feature a wire core and most are Rx-able (can have your own prescription lenses fitted), all frames begin as a flat sheet of acetate and are hand carved individually. Production runs are limited and colourways are unique. Lenses are CR39 manufactured by Zeiss or SOLA, lenses are shatterproof, scratch resistant, and are 100% UVA and UVB protective.
Comes with hard case and cloth.


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